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(Adnkronos) – SHENZHEN, China, March 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — yoose is a trendy technology brand jointly created by a group of designers, engineers and artists who explore the future lifestyle and was established in 2020. The main creative team insists on originality, integrates art and technology, and is committed to creating good-looking and practically products that belong to the future generation through innovative technology. In 2023, yoose will enter the international market. 

Unique designs can change and enhance consumers’ perception and experience of products in an industry without technological breakthroughs for a long time. At the same time, yoose focuses on the diversified lifestyles of generation z, explores the link between design and practicality. Finally, they are reshaped the appearance of the shaver and the usage scenarios of the product, so a series of new categories are derived by them, from product packaging to product design and performance improvement. Giving new vitality to razors through designs, helping future generations express their personality and interpret a new way of life. 

The creative inspiration of each series of yoose products is different from that of traditional products. For instance, The body design of the MINI rotary shaver is inspired by the streamlined headlights of classic sports cars , and combines portability and unique alloys material to create the first double-rotating alloy body shaver. Also yoose positively collaborated with Keith Haring has co-authored several times, such as yoose x Keith Haring MINI shaver and yoose x Keith Haring High-speed hair dryer (exclusive in China), etc., and plans to have more in-depth creative collisions with the art and cultural fields in the future. 

yoose’s TRIPLE shaver series – “T1-C”, only retains a button and charging port in appearance, and the overall shape is integrated, simple and intuitive. Maintaining the proper performance of the product and the body of the razor is compressed to the extreme. MINI shavers and TRIPLE shaving series products were rewarded by the Red Dot Award, iF Design Award, International Good Design Award and G-mark Good Design Award. 

In the future, yoose will become an environmentally friendly personal care company, continue to be keen on changing the traditional personal care industry, and maintain the classic and trendy design concept. In addition, yoose has made a lot of capital investment in R&D, focusing on more efficient, high-end and better products to bring better life experience to consumers around the world .


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