PortAventura World leads the themed resort sector by joining the B Corp community

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(Adnkronos) – TARRAGONA, Spain, April 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PortAventura World has reached a major corporate milestone by becoming a B Corp company, thanks to its positive impact on society and environmentally friendly practices. The company has successfully passed the strict impact measurement requirements to become a B Corp company, meeting high standards of compliance in environmental, social and good governance performance. 


Becoming a B Corp company has been based on a new corporate purpose, “At PortAventura World, we create unforgettable experiences that have a positive impact on people while caring for the planet”, which has been included in a statutory modification to adapt the corporate purpose and powers of the board in accordance with B Corp requirements. 

Arturo Mas-Sardá, President of PortAventura World, pointed out that “becoming a B Corp company represents a before and after in our way of acting, managing and governing. But it is also the acknowledgement of our company, a benchmark in the tourism and theme resort sector worldwide, which has always sought to have a long-term vision of what the company would be like in the coming decades”. 

One of the most outstanding sustainability actions that PortAventura World is carrying out is the installation of a photovoltaic plant for self-consumption, consisting of more than 11,000 solar panels. It is also committed to promoting measures such as recycling, energy saving, responsible use of water and sustainable mobility. 

Choni Fernández, director of sustainability at PortAventura World, pointed out that “it is of enormous importance to be a member of the B Corp community because it gives us added value to change, in a real way, the way things are done. We are aware of the role we play in the tourism industry and the economic fabric, and being part of the B Corp movement is a corporate philosophy that will guide our present and future steps and decisions”. 

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