Auden Recognized on Forbes’ ‘Best Under A Billion 2023’

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(Adnkronos) – Brand reaches new heights as it leads in 5G and satellite communications technology, while embracing open, interoperable global standards for mobile connectivity   

TAIPEI, Sept. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Auden Group, a leading provider of connectivity solutions based in Taiwan, is announcing it has achieved recognition on Forbes Asia’s “Best Under A Billion 2023” list. Thoroughly evaluating long-term, sustainable business performance across a variety of indicators, the list underscores Auden’s recent success at moving the connectivity and telecommunications industries forward — through advancing high-frequency 5G mmWave technology, facilitating creation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite networks, and championing global collaboration on mobile connectivity standards. 

Accomplishments moving the industry forward 

The recognition by Forbes Asia serves as a testament to Auden’s extensive expertise in antenna design and capabilities in active antenna system integration. The brand has pioneered several groundbreaking innovations, including flat-panel LEO satellite user terminals, high-frequency mmWave radio frequency (RF) modules, up/down converters, and customized antenna arrays for telecoms providers. In particular, it is leading the transition to high-speed 5G with its 28GHz mmWave RF front-end antenna module that uses phased array technology to ensure ubiquitous signal availability for high-frequency 5G networks. 

Consistently championing openness and global interoperability of mobile networks, Auden has embraced the Open RAN standards that are increasingly being recognized as the future of telecoms. The company’s subsidiary, Auray Technology, recently made headlines by becoming the world’s first Open Testing and Integration Centre (OTIC) to issue both the 5G OPEN RAN Radio Unit certification and also the End-to-End System Test certification. 

Auden has also formed strategic partnerships with leading global telecoms companies, playing an essential role in fortifying their communications and satellite infrastructure. 

Future technologies, future opportunities 

As connectivity and networks around the world become more advanced, several challenges loom, along with promising solutions. 

“Open networking and network software-ization are crucial to ushering in the era of 6G,” noted Daniel Chang, Chairman of Auden Group. “In particular, the seamless integration of Open RAN and NTN are key to enabling a broader range of vendors to use networks while promoting product diversification and cost-effective solutions.” 

Specifically, this involves integrating satellite technologies into the 5G standard established by the Third Generation Partnership Project(3GPP), a worldwide consortium of telecoms standards organization that is collaborating to work towards an international mobile broadband standard. In fact, the burgeoning LEO satellite market is already embracing phased array antennas, creating opportunities for further technological advancements. Coupled with network convergence of fiber optics, cellular, WiFi, and satellite networks, Auden believes that the future promises more seamless mobile connectivity that advances a wide range of applications — from Industry 4.0 to vehicle-to-everything (V2X). 

For mobile device end users, implementing 5G O-RAN networks and mmWave technology on satellite networks has the potential to make satellite broadband more affordable and accessible, addressing the current problem of unequal access to high-speed networks and the ‘digital divide.’ 

On top of leading the way in these technologies, Auden’s future efforts will focus on providing customers with a comprehensive platform — a one-stop-shop for Radio Frequency (RF) design solutions. 

About Auden Group 

Established in 1981, Auden Group is a leading provider of connectivity solutions based in Taiwan. Continuously striving to advance the connectivity industry worldwide, the company provides comprehensive technical and service support in the wireless communication market, spanning antenna design & manufacturing, system-level integration, wireless product testing, laboratory & security, and green energy. 

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