Marigold™ Launches Martech’s Only Fully Permissioned Relationship Marketing Solution that Enables Hyper-Personalization at Scale

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Latest Release Builds on Marigold’s Best-in-Class Multi-Channel Engagement, Personalization and Privacy Capabilities to Help Brands Accelerate Customer Trust and Loyalty

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global martech pioneer, Marigold, today unveiled the industry’s most comprehensive Relationship Marketing solution focused on helping marketers achieve hyper-personalization at scale while navigating complex, ever-evolving privacy and deliverability challenges. Marigold’s latest release fuses best-in-class email, omnichannel marketing, SMS, and loyalty technology with integrated zero-party data, robust permission and preference management, and dynamic personalization tools to help brands and businesses build trusted, long-term relationships with their customers, faster. 

“Relationship Marketing is a long-term strategy focused on the customer relationship over time, not on a single touchpoint, campaign or transaction,” said Desta Price, Chief Product Officer of Marigold. “With Marigold’s Relationship Marketing solution, marketers have access to messaging and loyalty program data to deliver key use cases, and the ability to integrate with data lakes or data warehouses such as Snowflake, Databricks, Google, Redshift and more, empowering marketers to create more meaningful and real-time connections throughout the customer lifecycle. Today, we set the stage for a new era of customer engagement and brand success.” 

Open, API-friendly, and data agnostic, Marigold’s Relationship Marketing solution provides real-time visibility across the full customer lifecycle – from acquisition to engagement to loyalty – and allows marketers to access and action customer data across all Marigold and third-party applications, regardless of where that data resides. Built on a flexible, composable architecture, this latest release allows customers to easily leverage and consume the Marigold Relationship Marketing capabilities that best support their use cases, timing and maturity. Customers can also utilize Marigold’s zero-party data and personalization tools to extend and amplify their non-Marigold martech investments. By delivering these capabilities in a unified, one-stop shop experience Marigold is making it easier – and faster – for marketers to build fully permissioned audiences, deliver personalized content and offers in the moments that matter, and ultimately turn their customers into superfans. 

Designed to address a broad range of marketing use cases and maturity levels, Marigold’s Relationship Marketing solution is comprised of best-in-class technology, tools and expert services that help marketers personalize and optimize every interaction in a customer’s journey: 

“Today’s announcement represents a significant milestone in our vision to provide clients with an orbital view of their customers across the full Relationship Marketing continuum. This visibility allows them to orchestrate data-rich engagement programs in a cohesive solution powered by our martech heritage and expertise,” said Wellford Dillard, CEO of Marigold. “We are again leading the way, helping marketers do and deliver more by providing a smarter-not-harder approach for brands to win more business, earn customer trust and future-proof their growth strategies.” 

For more information about Marigold’s Relationship Marketing solution and offerings, visit 

About MarigoldMarigold is a global martech leader focused on delivering relationship marketing solutions that are helping over 40,000 brands and organizations worldwide to find their customers, get to know them, and ultimately turn them into superfans. The company offers industry-tailored martech, email and loyalty solutions — Marigold Grow, Marigold Engage, and Marigold Loyalty — that support the entire customer lifecycle and make it easy for brands to create long-term relationships, build loyalty and grow their businesses. Find out more at 

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