Orchestry Announces ‘Recommendations’ Feature: Transforming M365 Management with AI Insights

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(Adnkronos) – VANCOUVER, BC, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Orchestry Software Inc, a leading provider of Microsoft 365 (M365) management solutions, is excited to introduce its innovative new feature, ‘Recommendations.’ An integral part of the Orchestry platform and the first module in the AI-driven Signals experience, it is designed to revolutionize how organizations manage their M365 environments, focusing on management, governance, adoption, and security. 

As organizations increasingly rely on M365 for productivity and collaboration, ‘Recommendations’ addresses the challenges of obtaining and acting on crucial data. It provides categorized, actionable insights tailored to each unique M365 environment. These insights are accompanied by strategic rationale and clear step-by-step instructions for addressing any issues – removing the guesswork. 

“The ‘Recommendations’ feature addresses the fundamental problem of efficiently managing and optimizing M365 environments. Without a unified view and effective tools, IT administrators often struggle to answer critical questions about their M365 environment’s health and security. Orchestry’s elegant solution illuminates this scattered yet vital information, enabling administrators to prioritize their efforts where they matter most,” says Michal Pisarek, CEO Orchestry Software Inc.  

“In a rapidly evolving cloud environment, administrators need real help to keep pace with change, support users, and safeguard their environment,” said David Francoeur, Director of Product Delivery at Orchestry Software Inc. “Orchestry’s ‘Recommendations’ feature collates disparate data into actionable insights tailored to your environment. It’s that elusive single pane of glass.” 

Orchestry Recommendations deliver consulting-grade insights powered by AI and machine learning, packaged in an intuitive experience. 

About Orchestry 

Orchestry simplifies work in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint Online with its comprehensive enablement, adoption, and standardization platform. Developed by SharePoint MVPs and Microsoft 365 experts, Orchestry helps organizations decide “what to use when” in Microsoft 365, increasing technology adoption, empowering governance, and simplifying provisioning. 

Learn more about Orchestry and/or Recommendations: https://www.orchestry.com and/or https://www.orchestry.com/insight/orchestry-announces-new-feature-recommendations

Orchestry Contact, Jessica Bermel, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Jessica.bermel@orchestry.

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